Enevolv harnesses and accelerates evolution to engineer better microbes. Our strain engineering platform combines massively parallel variation and selection technologies with computation to quickly identify the genomic changes that produce the desired results.


Massively parallel genome editing

Our variation technology efficiently introduces synthetic DNA at targeted locations in the genome – directly in living cells. We repeatedly introduce diverse sequences at each location, generating modifications across many locations in different combinations. Through continuous evolution of large cell populations, we generate billions of genomic designs in days.


Sensors for parallel screening

Our engineered sensors change state in the presence of the target molecule – driving expression of a reporter or selection marker. The signal increases with production of the target molecule, so we can see more productive strain variants directly within the same culture that we introduced the mutations in. Sensors allow us to screen billions of designs a day.


Richer data for better designs

Building and testing is fundamental to efficiently learning how to search genome space. Our variation and selection technologies deliver unprecedented numbers of tested designs to our machine learning engine, which then informs the next round of genomic designs to build.