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enEvolv named #1 of 5 of Boston’s Top Biotech Startups

Posted May 22, 2014

Reproduced from original publication on swissnex Boston

1. enEvolv - enEvolv engineers and licenses microorganisms that produce chemicals, enzymes and small molecules for a variety of industries. The dynamic Harvard-educated duo behind the enterprise developed their own platform,Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE), which enables large-scale genome modifications at multiple locations simultaneously.

2. Parabase Genomics - Parabase offers a LifeTime Test to newborns, which can detect and diagnose hundreds of genomic disorders within a single test. By converging hundreds of different tests into one, Parabase Genomics makes gene testing easier, more convenient, and more affordable.

3. Concert Pharmaceuticals - Just recently issued an IPO, Concert Pharmaceuticals is innovating traditional methods of drug discovery, often characterized by long timelines and high failure rates, by working to improve approved drugs, advanced clinical candidates, or previously studied compounds.

4. Ensemble Therapeutics - Ensemble is the first company to successfully exploit synthetic macrocycle drugs, called Ensemblins™, unique compounds that can address previously difficult-to-reach targets, including protein-protein interactions, phosphatases, and proteases.

5. BIND Therapeutics - BIND Therapeutics develops Accurins™, which are designed with specified physical and chemical characteristics to target specific cells or tissues. Through these characteristics, Accurins enhance efficacy while minimizing adverse effects on healthy tissues. Long-term, BIND sees Accurins representing the next stage in the evolution of cancer therapy.